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Intro to regret...LOL

Name: Allison or Al...depending on how well you know me *evil grin*
Age: 25...apparently OLD for this forum
Sexuality: Lesbian and recently single
Locale: Oregon, USA...the greenest state of the union and the one with the most lessies W00T!!!
Why Keira: Saw her in Beckam and drooled the whole time LOL I also loved her in Love Actually...she's just so cute *pinches Keira's cheeks*
Actresses: Angelina Jolie (can act and is DAMN sexy), Keira (duh), Katie Holmes (Teaching Mrs. Tingle...must see!!!), and....and....Julie Andrews (Victor/Victoria OMG, FAV movie...she's SO hot dressed as Victor *droolfest*)
Actors: Johnny Depp (can act and is sexy for a guy...nuts...but sexy), Brad Pitt (gotta love a pretty boy that can act), Alan Rickman (*le sigh* I loff him), and Jeff Goldblum (yes, the FLY!)
Music: Anything but Alternative Rock/Rock/Country...Garth Brooks and Patsy Cline are the only country I can handle. Question for the if it's a Brit band do you consider them "Country?" I mean...cuz...y'know...nevermind, damn yankee question LOL
Food: I'm a great cook/baker so whatever you can think of sounds long as it's beef, chicken (white-meat only), or turkey (once again w-m only). Oooo my oatmeal cookies are raisins, don't like raisins
Extras: My two chihuahuas are my children: Pharaoh and SeraSue...they're my little love and happiness. Harry Potter is the BEST book series ever...damn ex got all the books *le pout*....Artemis Fowl is a close second (Holly Short is my hero)
Okay...'nough said.
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