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Originally Posted by once_dreaded
Dave, dates don't end in hang with slutty girls. Dates end on a doorstep with an awkward hug/kiss...if there was real chemistry and you were a gentleman you might get invited inside to have more convo.

#1 biggest mistake made - overly flirting.

#2 NEVER EVER TALK ABOUT EXES - they're your exes, keep them out of it.

#3 Be confident not cocky/arrogant - When you're confident in your convo abilities, flirtations, and other activities the other person will believe you.

Place for a date - coffee shops/pub for the Euros are great if you don't know the person, this allows for some get-to-know you talking...
All of those things come long before "The Date". (And what I said was that I thought we had dated, and she told me we had not. By her definition, a date ended in bed. Woman's Perogative.) I have no idea what a date is nowadays. Back when I was 17, it was 1960. And you can believe that I have never dated "slutty girls". I don't know any. I've known a girl who had a lot of lovers; but she was not slutty.

A "Date" is something special. Not just "taking a girl out for coffee and paying for her coffee..." If you want to get credit for a "Date", it's going to cost more than $3.25 at Starbucks; and it's going to take more than an hour.

A week in Acapulco would qualify; as would a show in Las Vegas, (unless you live in Las Vegas.) Try again. A date is trying to get beyond the things you say over coffee. Perhaps a set of ballroom dancing classes would qualify depending on how you set that up, but not "meeting at the dancehall to dance".

You've heard the expression "cheap date"? Well, coffee house posturing doesn't cut it. Ask a woman whether she would dress up to go to a coffee house. If she wouldn't dress special, it isn't a date unless you have to board a 747 to get there. Going clamming in New England would qualify, if you were from Texas; but not if you lived on Cape Cod.

Back to defining your terms. All those things, (including a week of ballooning, and being her regular dance partner every Friday night for almost a year) were not dates. A date is something special. AND you must have gone through all of those other steps long before you go on a date.

Believe me when I say that the women I would want to date would never in her whole life have been called a slut. I know several strippers who have PhDs; and nobody ever thinks they are sluts, either. Just try to woo a stripper with a cup of coffee... :fencing:

And for an example. A Movie
Two tickets to the movie $20.00
Gas to get to Albuquerque & Back 140miles @ 10mpg at $2.55/gal=$35.70
Meal (since you have >2 hours driving time+2 hr movie) $25.00
Keepsake (soundtrack or whatever) $20.00
Or, you could spend an evening locally in a bar, and I suspect (never having done this myself) that would also cost $100.00
Or, a concert (Involves driving to Albuquerque again) Santana evening cost more than $100.00 and convinced me that the CD is immensely better.
Or, You could take her to one of the Casinos, (around Albuquerque) and God only knows how much that would cost.

"Le uova non devono ballare con le pietre."
"Eggs have no business dancing with stones" from the movie "Shoot 'Em Up"
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