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Okay, Angelina Jolie is sexy. My bro-in-law isn't attracted to her and wanted to know why I was, my answer - extreme confidence, she believes in herself and she KNOWS that she's wanted, she drips sexuality and sexiness without effort...she makes you drool because she is a dom and knows it...she is the master of all things sexy....and I'd gladly be her submissive little slave led to the alter for butchering, why...cuz she'd do it without a second thought LOL.

Okay, real world sexy - a person who is confident, flirtatious, and knows how to rock a "wife-beater" and faded blue jeans. I love me a woman in a tank top and blue jeans...bare foot...leaning in a doorway with the sun behind her...her shadow lengthening across the hardwood floor...okay...enough *cracking up*
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