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also how do you ask a member of the opposite sex
(same in certain cases) out on a date
^Dave, dates don't end in hang with slutty girls. Dates end on a doorstep with an awkward hug/kiss...if there was real chemistry and you were a gentleman you might get invited inside to have more convo.

#1 biggest mistake made - overly flirting. Be subtle...make that person WANT to get to know you. I enjoy doing the "eye flirt," get caught looking at the person...not checking our their arse or chest...their EYES, SMILE, FACE, HAIR are what you should look at. Just last week I stole glances, got caught a few times, at a very beautiful girl when I went into the Mazda dealership for a quote, when I went back to confirm my order I caught HER stealing glances my way...I'll be in their later this week to get my car serviced...who knows...I might have a date this weekend.

#2 NEVER EVER TALK ABOUT EXES - they're your exes, keep them out of it. You're getting to know the other person...make small them in the eyes. You can glean a lot from a person by watching their eyes, why do you think poker players wear sunglasses.

#3 Be confident not cocky/arrogant - When you're confident in your convo abilities, flirtations, and other activities the other person will believe you. If you over-do it and come off cocky it's a MAJOR turn-off. Confidence is key, but just like flirting it needs to be subtle.

Place for a date - coffee shops/pub for the Euros are great if you don't know the person, this allows for some get-to-know you talking...just make sure it's not a rowdy place full of distractions. If you know the person well and want to make an impression - cook for them, OMG there is NOTHING I love more than having someone take the time to cook for makes me feel special, just make sure you find out if they're veggie/vegan & their likes/dislikes...if they question just say you're trying to pick the place to eat.

Best of luck young grasshopper - let me know if you get your date.
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