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Translation :

One ought not to have prejudices about people one is not acquainted with.
One should first get to know them. In this case, one understands the matter
if, for instance, oneĀ“s English is not that satisfying and you therefore get
blamed by the one half of the members whereas the other half understands you.
I am grateful to see that one is eventually accepted by the latter, just as you are, including your vices. Prejudices as such are horrible ; you therefore should not have them. In the same way, you should not be haughty and yet you may be proud : haughtiness results from exterior oppression. Pride , on the contrary, is an interior trait of caracter.
This, in my opinion, is also what Jane Austin wants to convey in her book
"Pride and Prejudice".

Whatever the point of this is, I hope it is going to lead to a fruitful discussion.
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