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Well there is 3 roles. One is actually 2 scripts i wrote that, now that i think of it, would fit her well. One she could play a woman who is a girlfriend of a man who goes into a coma for four years and gets caught in a complex situation between herself, her new bf, and a man who extremely resembles her old bf in the coma. The other role would be her playing a woman who just came from jail because her father turned her in for having possession of drugs. When she returns, she plans to kill him, but he recently had a heart attack and is on resperators and is in a coma(i know, a coma again). So the rest of the film is her battling with the emotion that she came to kill her dad, but now she would do anything to have him stay alive.

The role i would like her to have that I HAVENT wrote...a DA or detective in a serial killer case that is making nation-wide news.
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