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my advice is that if it's going to be a first date, don't make it so common and boring (ie, fancy dinner, movie, etc). you definitely dont want fancy because you don't know her that well (or at all). at a movie, you wont get to talk to her and figure out if you even like her.

make it fun...perhaps an activity? if you're good at pool, teach her how to play pool at a pool hall. or go putt putting. SOMETHING. show her you're a tad spontaneous and fun.

and just a few hours ago i asked someone out. i mentioned that i was going to be at a japanese restuarant/bar on a specific date and time and that i'd love for her to join me.

you have to have a date and time already picked out. don't say "can i take you out sometime?". thats no good. say something like "i'd like for you to join me at <place> is <time> on <date>?"

all in all, you need to appear confident and not desperate. easier said than done, i know, but its solid, successful advice.
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