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Wow !!!

I had kinda forgot about this. Well, things worked out
we broke it off for about a month and she came back. She dated this other dude and decided I was right for her....but now it has been two months since then....and now I feel weird and think that I want odd eh??? Well...we are going on a little trip so I will have to let you know how I feel after. It is just that she has no money and no job (we are both in school, but I learned how to save) and I feel like I am paying for too much. I hate when money has to be involved with people you like....uhhh! Hopefully I will be happy in the ned...and if not one of you lovely ladies neeed to take me away to the U.K.

thnaks for all the input

Shaun the Canuck

P.S. I am pissed Canada didn't go to the medal rounds in Hockey
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