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Originally Posted by hasselbrad
It was written by Paul Anka. Here are all the versions of the song that have been recorded.
Paul Anka? You're kidding me, right? Paul Anka?!

Mags will understand.

(Lorelai expains how to put Paul Anka on a leash)
Sookie: What are you doing?
Lorelai: Er, he freaks out if he sees his leash, you have to make sure you hide it from him and make sure he doesn't see you putting it on him.
Sookie: How is he when he's on the leash?
Lorelai: Oh, he's totally fine having his personal freedom slowly stripped away as long as he's unaware that it's happening, just like a true American.
Lorelai: Sorry, I'm late. I found Paul Anka hiding underneath the kitchen sink, chewing on one of my favorite pairs of shoes.
Sookie: Boy, that guy's career has really hit the skids.
If you don't get it, you really need to catch up on your Gilmore girls .
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