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You started this thread with this post:
Originally Posted by Dyce_Blue 13-10-2004
OK, I'll try to explain this the best I can...

There is this girl at school. She is in two of my four classes, and she parks in the same lot as me.

Long story short: I like her.

I finally got the balls to go and talk to her yesterday, and I met her and her friend. Today, my friend and I were walking about 20 feet behind her and her friend in the parking lot, and she was acting a little flamboyant. It's hard to explain, but it is the way I act around a girl I like. There was definitely some eye contact between her and I, but she would always look away quickly, so I couldn't wave or anything.

Tomorrow, the only class I have is with her, then we both leave to the same parking lot.

What do I do?
After a couple of days you added this post:
Originally Posted by Dyce_Blue 15-10-2004
What a fucking idiot I was. I cannot believe how stupid I acted. I should have just gone with my original hunch and stayed away.

I don't feel like explaining the tangled backstory, but I will since my life is worthless anyway.

So yesterday, I wrote her a note in class asking if she wanted to do something afterwards. <snip>

This brings me to today, when I was surprisingly optimistic and confident. My plan was to meet her outside math class (where I usually see her), turn my homework in, and skip to go hang out with her and her friend. <snip> They snuck out the back door of the classroom to avoid me.
After not quite a month and a half you added this post:
Originally Posted by Dyce_Blue 24-12-2004,
So for this girl's birthday about a month and a half ago, I bought her the OC season 1 DVD. I looked EVERYWHERE to get it, and at my 4th Best Buy/Circuit City, I grabbed one of the last ones they had. This put me back at least a half tank of gas and $70 for the DVD. <snip> ...any feedback?
And you are asking for feedback...

Unless you are extremely rich, a $70.00 gift for a girl that you have only spoken to once on the way to the parking lot is excessive. The very fact that you know her birthday is suspect. You are doing things that are "wrong" on every level.

When I first read this I was new to the board, and I didn't realize that the post was over a year old. I hope that you have grown up in the last year and are not still trying to impress women with inappropriate expensive gifts before you have talked with them at least twice. If you are a devotee of the idea that you can fall in "love at first sight", you should realize that when people speak of that they are speaking of BOTH PEOPLE feeling that way. When both people feel that way they will BOTH feel that way. When only one person experiences that strong an attraction it is called "lust". Inappropriate lustful feelings should never be openly expressed. The way these internet conversations develop make it hard for people to realize what you were doing. You were "over the top".

Think about it from the lady's perspective. She gets a $70.00 "weird" gift from an almost stranger (you had no idea that she was an OC fan, or that she was "an OC type of girl.") You followed her around, trying to "talk". She had to assume that you were expecting an "OC" type of relationship, and were willing to pay for it. Were I her, I'd have had an older brother checking you out on the Internet, also. And, if you'd said anything wrong, I think the expression "beat the shit out of him" would have been discussed.

So, in the past year, what have you done to change? Have you taken some Psychology classes? Gone to some "group sessions"? Gotten a real girlfriend?

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