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Originally Posted by Leonie
Keira Girls, quite simply, is for the girls only.

Relationships & Sexuality is for all forum members. It started out as a subforum to Keira Girls because that's what most the Girls forum was about anyway. The guys decided that they wanted to discuss along on those topics, and so the subforum was born.

Hope that clears it up a bit
OK "Beautiful Lady." I'm learning about phpBB because one of my favorite female celebrities' website has been hit by "Viagra Zombies". So I volunteered to moderate/administer it for awhile.

They are using phpBB, but it has become obvious from reading a few pages of the "User Manual" that it would be trivial to set up a "Usergroup" to sort posting capability by sex. Why bother even "permitting" males to post in a "female only" area? Merely set up a "usergroup" which contains all the females and a Forum which only allows that particular "usergroup" to post? I think it is such a trivial thing that your administration must have thought of it and decided that they don't want a true "female only" posting area. I do think I'll do it on this website I'm going to help with; just out of perversity... Should drive the guys wild that there are comments that they can't respond to. I think I heard about a college class where that experiment was tried. I'll bet it really gets someone's attention. In fact, I'll bet the guys try to "pretend" to be girls. Women I know would castrate them, right now.
4.4: Usergroups

Usergroups are a powerful feature of phpBB 2.0.0. They allow moderator permissions, private permissions, and any other special user settings to be granted to multiple people. This makes it easy to change settings for a group that has things in common without having to edit each user's individual permissions. It is also possible to make the Group Moderator (controls group membership) someone who is not an administrator, granting power to users without leaving your board's administration panel vulnerable.
4.4.1: Joining a group

There are two ways to join a group. First, you may be added to the group by the group moderator. This is not controlled by the user, but by the group moderator through the group control panel. This is the only way to become a member of a Closed or Hidden group.

To join an open group, click the small Usergroups link at the top of any page.

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