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Originally Posted by Mandy
Oh no you didn't just quote yourself and double post. *snaps her fingers* uh-uh girlfriend.
Actually, I did. There was no way to put the two images on the same message and have two different subjects in the same message.

My original intention was to put them in the same message, and I did; but then it made no sense. The point was that

1st) "Relationships & Sexuality" appeared to be separate from "Keira Girls", and show a screen snap that proves that.

2nd) "Celebs you love (Besides Keira)" was a subject under "Relationships & Sexuality" and show a screen snap that looks like it proves that. I say looks like because If I read it closely I can see that everything is tagged "Keira Girls" and I should be smart enough to read every little thing before doing anything. (Of course I don't do things that way; I'm a male. I rarely read instructions, [except for cook books] and I rarely ask for directions [because for the last five years I've driven an 18-wheeler, and I have onboard some of the best laptop mapping software AND the Rand McNally Truckers Edition Atlas] ).

I'm trying to understand something, and if your rules make it so I can't explain what it is that I don't understand; there has to be a way around the lemma. The point here is not to "not break the rules"; (I was a Technical Writer for about six years and I break the writing rules all the time.) The point was that I don't understand how something can be both "Keira Girls only" and not. If "Girls" are the only people who have "Relationships & Sexuality" then I can understand that you wouldn't want men posting in there. I assume you had this discussion long ago and decided to bring "Relationships & Sexuality" (RelSex?) out into the Wavefront Community Sub-forum, and my real problem is that I wanted to claim some fantasies as "Celebs you love (Besides Keira)" without adding a parallel thread in some non-existent "Keira's Men" sub-forum. Oh well, 'twas a trivial thing... Here am I going to start a duplicate of any of the interesting threads in the "Keira Girls" sub-forum... :fencing:

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