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Originally Posted by dave
One question. Did you ever sleep with this woman? The answer to that one question should make a difference in how you handle the situation.
In my situation, I never slept with the woman (if you can call her that...immature,) no. She had told me she was a virgin, and I found that appealing because I actually am lacking any type of experience on the p-in-the-v dance. BUT, here's the kicker. At the same time she was telling me that she was a virgin and found sex kinda gross, she was fucking her exboyfriend. Well, not the same exact time, because I would have noticed something like that, but within the same time period. She then came up to me, crying, saying her ex kissed her when she was trying to work thinks out with him. She was "unwilling" to kiss him but he was 'so persistant'! Ugh. But yeah, I took that as her not wanting him to kiss her, but then I found out they were having sex from one of his friends and had it validated later by a few other people, the girl actually never came out and said it. She danced around it a bunch, though. "What you heard isn't exactly how it happened." But I didn't care because I'd been through enough emotion and lies and deceit.

I'm not even absolutely sure if the question was directed at me, but I answered it anyhow. I'd just hate to see another kid go through something so stupid as my experience (50% of the depression I felt was brought on by my own ignorance and naivety, it's proven, i have pie-charts) But I agree with your theory Dave. We were not lovers, but I couldn't grasp the idea of having feelings for someone without being lovers. Stupid, I know, but hey I wanted to be in love and I have a stubborn sense of optimism.
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