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OMG! i loved it, leno just finished about 5 minutes ago. i agree her hair was funny. i like the color, cut, and waves but the bangs were in her eyes. u couldn't see her eyes and she has lovely eyes. her dress was sorta different but i liked it. i'm so happy i taped the show! she was so funny on it. like the boxing part and how she loves the ginuess (not spelled rite) beer in Dublin. it was funny how she described her character as an angry smurf! LOL! it was the best! Keira did look bored though, but at least she stayed and u could see her when the camera backed up for wide shots. especially at the end when they were outside after Avril L. She was standing there all nice and pretty.

also it sucked that the movie isnt even finished, cuz then they could of brought alone a clip to show. all they had was some bit from a comercial. i hope when she does promo next week in NY, so far she's scheduled for Letterman and hopefully she does Regis and Kelly and other morning shows like she did for POTC, they studio provides her with a clip even if the movie isnt finished.
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