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Jealous, Gods no..., not with the work that goes in day-to-day. Now while there are benefits, think real hard on the negatives of the extra dynamic added by a third person. It's hard enough to make two work. --- Open marriage doesn't quite fit. I believe that would be more for swingers. We don't fool around with anyone but each other. --- Dave, do I need more than that? Nope, I didn't, nor did I ask or go looking for it; if you read above you'll see Wendy fell in love with a woman, and it rollercoastered from there. I've been talking with people who have more than one spouse for awhile now (some by their culture, some by choice), and there are quite a few success stories out there as well as dismal failures. --- What would you have done if you spouse had told you they were in love with someone else, but still loved and wanted to stay with you? Divorced? Put down an ultimatum? How would you have handled the same quandry? -- Will it work out? I cannot say more so than any standard relationship. It could all blow up, but I can't say I didn't give it a go and try to make it work.

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