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Thought gathering

I noticed perusing the board that we have people here of many varied lifestyles, and I wanted to pose a few circumstantial questions. Barrington knows the full tale end to end, but thought I'd lead off with the prolog and see what responses come this way.

1) 2003 - March: Wife Wendy pregnant, very happy, ecstatic!

2) 2003 - May: Wendy miscarries, DNC, and gets cancer of the Uterus (1 in 10,000 chance from partial-mole pregnancies). Goes on injected Chemo, I'm giving the shots every other day. 6 Months of pure hell goes by.

3) 2003 - Dec: Wendy wins against the cancer, no more chemo, both of us getting very overweight (Me wearing 44-inch pants, her size 18 I think).

4) 2004 - Jan: Wendy has been dieting, working out like a maniac, and writing her Underworld2 story on, posts chapter by chapter, gets lots of good responses. Makes new best friend, a woman named Nicola in South Africa, also a prolific writer on fanfiction at the time. They begin to chat hours and hours every day.

5) 2004 - Mar: Hubby (me) notices Wendy is down has lost 50 pounds and is looking incredible. Wendy no longer spends time with him at all, just chats every chance she gets with her new best friend. Hubby looks down at huge gut and decides to dedicate his time and attention on his wife and lose weight himself, and is very worried about relationship she is having with this other woman. Hubby confronts wife, who admits she is madly & deeply in love with this other person, but still loves him just as much as she always has.

How would you react in that situation?

Now this is old history, and yes there are a few twists along the way, but everything has worked out in the most amazing way in the end. But I wanted to get a feel how others would react upon that revelation from your spouse?

If interested, toss some replies, and I'll tell the next part.

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