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Originally Posted by Pinkfairy
My boyfriend recently cheated on me. He says he was drunk and he's sorry. I am sure he is because the other girl is really ugly. So I wanted to know why guys would do that. I, too, would like to know why people would cheat on their girlfriends/boyfriends. I really can't think of a reason, but I often ask myself why. I don't know if I should get back with him, cause he seems really sorry, but he might do it again.
Never go back with a "cheater." You called him your "boyfriend". Boyfriends come and go. You deserve someone totally committed to you. Not someone who goes out and gets drunk and gets laid. AIDs is real. Do you want to die a horrible death because your "boyfriend" can't keep his pants zipped when he has a few beers?

If you go back to a "cheater" what message does that send? That you will be there like a little puppy dog waiting just in case he decides to come f*&k you this evening instead of his "Friday night woman?" (This is the definition of a woman who needs help. )

Never go back to a "cheater" unless you totally have his huevos in lockdown AND you have gone through months and months of counseling to determine why he unzipped his pants. If he can't hold his liquor, you don't want him anyway. A drunk is always going to have an excuse for whatever he wants to do. (including "hitting you".)

You haven't married this scuzball, get off his train. Go no further without his being so in love with you that he "can't get it up" for anyone else. (You can train him using ropes, chains, and whips so he will never git it up for anyone else... )

Remember, Drunks Lie! They can find a reason why it wasn't their fault no matter what the situation is. Do you want to live with a liar? What did he tell you? He told you it wasn't his fault... He was drunk! What he did when he was drunk could easily kill you. And you didn't even taste the beer... But you're dead just the same. What kind of "man" is that?

Originally Posted by Pinkfairy
<snip> because the other girl is really ugly. <snip>
There are no ugly girls in bars at closing time... But that's where all the ugly men are...

Locate song written by Lee "Hatrick" Hetrick and covered by Willie Nelson. "I went home last night at two with a ten, and woke up this morning at ten with a two." Play it repeatedly while watching reruns of "Cleopatra 2525" or "Firefly", or "Serenity"... (Movies and TV Shows featuring Strong Women.)

A "Sex Expert's" opinion and a really informative way to waste an evening.

"Le uova non devono ballare con le pietre."
"Eggs have no business dancing with stones" from the movie "Shoot 'Em Up"

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