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mem·ber Pronunciation Key (mmbr)

1. A distinct part of a whole, especially:
1. Linguistics. A syntactic unit of a sentence; a clause.
2. Logic. A proposition of a syllogism.
3. Mathematics. An element in a set.
2. A part or an organ of a human or animal body, as:
1. A limb, such as an arm or a leg.
2. The penis.
3. A part of a plant.
4. One that belongs to a group or an organization: a club member; a bank that is a member of the FDIC.
5. Mathematics. The expression on either side of an equality sign.
6. A structural unit, such as a beam or wall.

win·ner Pronunciation Key (wnr)

One that wins, especially a victor in sports or a notably successful person.

Hope this helps.
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