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I think some people are thinking too hard.

Intelligence is for me a prerequisite. If they are not smart, then I know I'm going to be frustrated and irritated a great deal of the time. That makes me a snob, I'm ok with that. And through that, I can understand the urge of joining an organisation where there is a base level of intelligence. I wasn't trying to imply people at mensa were stupid, far from it. In my opinion however, they should spend far less time blowing their own trumpets and instead doing something useful with their god given talents, say, cure cancer, eliminate HIV, send men to mars, etc. Make mensa an organisation for doing something productive and useful? Could it be? I'd bet that far fewer people would join.

Actresses can be sexy on screen, as they are acting the role to be so. They can be sexy off the screen, and due to their PR and stylist people its not that difficult. Characters in books can be sexy as they are written to be so.
Inara (Monica Baccharin) is sexy on screen. She also happens to be smokingly hot. And as her screen persona is the only place you've seen her before, her image is sexy in your memory. She might be dull as stamps in real life, but my perception of her is that she's sexy.
Simple conclusion, I'd do her without any hesitation.

Oh, I almost had a brain haemorrage trying to read though all the speech marks.
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