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Originally Posted by dave
Goldie Hawn is a member of Mensa.

You see, I speak American English. And in that language, Beauty is a quality you have, and Sexy is something you do.

A beautiful person might never be Sexy.
A Sexy person might never be beautiful.

People in mensa are not sexy.
I'm not a fan of people who have to become a member of mensa in order to prove to themselves and others they are smart. True, being part of mensa differentiates Goldie Hawn from the unintelligent masses, but she hasn't done anything which makes me respect her for her brain.
To see where I'm coming from, you've got to understand the people who were trying to join mensa, and probably did in my school were thicker than me and Duckula, and infinitely more boring people.

Also I think people are confusing sexy with attractive.

Well sexy for me is a guy who is loving, caring, smart, and has a good personality in general. I
I would classify those as attractive features. Sexy in my opinion is definitely superficial things, like the way someone moves, smiles, talks, looks.

You're more likely to say that someone has a sexy voice, sexy smile, sexy legs than attractive.
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