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Originally Posted by acliff
A scary thought:

On a fairly recent study into children with bone marrow cancer, for bone marrow transplants they need DNA matches.
They took DNA samples from their fathers as it should have been a match.
Out of 100 children it was found that 31 of the children did not share the DNA of their fathers. Not only was this terrible for the children who needed a different donor for bone marrow, this suggests that approx a 1/3 of the wives cheated on their husbands and raised the ensuing child.

When I read this in a scientific journal, I was mortified to say the least.
That is so horrible and sad. First off, I don't think of myself as the cheating type anyways, but I definitely wouldn't be having an affair when my husband and I, or my boyfriend and I, were trying to have a baby. And if I *was* (for some evil reason) having an affair and did end up pregnant, I would like to think that I would be completely honest about the situation with both parties and fix it ASAP. In the situation that Cliff brought up, that must be absolutely heartbreaking for the guys who are discovering their DNA doesn't match who they think are their own children's. They're already possibly losing their child, then to find out the kid might not even be theirs. That's sad.
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