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Oh God...the horror!

Seventeen...freshman in college (don't bother with the math, I started 1st grade when I was five) and really, pretty shy. Hooked up with this girl from Psych. 101 (fitting) and went to her apartment. It was really strange, and I regret it now because it kind of fucked up relationships for me. It was a sex first sort of arrangement, without any real connection but that. No courtship. No pursuit. Just a thinly veiled, study related come-on. To which I was all to eager to respond.
Yes, I had orgasms. No, she pretty much faked it all. Damn sure no BIG-O for her. I think she was just eager to have sex in her own bed. This went on for a couple of weeks until her roomate (who was from her hometown) got tired of the carrying on and told her boyfriend. Oh yes...a Springer-esque, angry redneck love triangle.
What a train-wreck.
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