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Originally Posted by Melvin
Oh, sorry, I don't really know much about it. I thought it was supposed to be all MS software stripped out of it plus revealing some code to competitors. I'm probably wrong, so I apologise.
I don't know whether Melvin really is a banned user. I'm sorry for using his quote for my first post if he is. But I looked around to find something which matched up with something I wanted to ask, and here it is. And in so doing perhaps I can give you something in return.

1) I use Mozilla Firefox. (Mozilla is another name for the people who made Netscape. They sold Netscape to some other company, [aol/Time-Warner, I believe] but maintained control of the "Open Source" part, and now mostly support Firefox.)

2) Your website is set up in such a manner that it is broken when you access it in Mozilla Firefox. (For some reason you use an editor for posting this note which Mozilla Firefox can't normally use.) That same Microcruft editor breaks the ability to send you a "Private Message". I rather suspect that you have an older version of JAVA which is non-compliant with Sun Microsystems Java. Microcruft tried to steal the Java Standards awhile back so their version of Java would intentionally break Netscape (and, concomitantly, Mozilla.)
Originally Posted by dave
Sorry about that, being new here I hadn't tried all the combinations possible. I just changed away from the WYSIWYG editor to the "basic" one and it works fine in a standard Firefox window.
3) However, Mozilla Firefox is so much better than IE, that I merely install a plugin which opens an Internet Explorer Window, and all of your broken parts work. If you care, I have so many really sweet "extensions" that Microcruft Internet Explorer can't even begin to anticipate developing in the next five years.

4) "Down them All" which uses download manager to download all the links to files of a certain type with one "click".
Originally Posted by Jacoby
They both download porn at the same speeds, so I just use Internet Explorer. :/
I downloaded all 259 images on the magazine Gallery with one "click", in the background, unattended... Do that with Microjunk!

5) Sage. An RSS reader

6) several different anti phishing tools which tell me the actual name of the actual website I am visiting.

7) a plugin (extension) which turns off JAVA executables on a per executable basis. i.e. when I go to a new site, I have to turn on JAVA for that site, and I can leave it turned off for clicknet, and other advertisers and spysites. I see the stuff I want to see, and absolutely no ads on the side of the page or the top of the page, or etc.

8) And where do you think all that pop-up ad blocking stuff came from? Did Microcruft (who makes most of their money by selling methods of creating and expediting delivery of advertisements...) Did Microsoft create methods of blocking pop-up ads? Not on your life. In fact, there is a Beta-Test going on right now of software that is supposed to block spy-ware, I installed it and ran it for about four months... It never blocked one. The particular spy-ware that I am subject to is all created by Microsoft customers. I use ad-aware.

And that's all I'm going to say for this "first message".

"Le uova non devono ballare con le pietre."
"Eggs have no business dancing with stones" from the movie "Shoot 'Em Up"

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