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After years of nagging mum, I got my belly done near my 15th b'day. I wouldn't say that it wasn't painless. It stung a bit once the needle went in, and when she but the ring in. I remember sitting really straight on the way home(30 minutes away) because it hurt so much.

I cleaned it with salt water twice a day, and when it had nearly healed, to speed it up a bit a put metho on a cotton bud and dabbed the skin. It sounds painful but you can't feel anything, and it dries it all up. Best thing I'd ever tried! All my friends who had had it done said that it WILL get infected. Mine never did. I just made sure I looked after it. I changed the ring at 3 months.

I wouldn't say im an over weight or fat person, but my stomach isn't that toned, so I don't usually show it.
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