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Originally Posted by Jasmine
Ahh I feel you on that one. On MySpace, I think I make it pretty clear that I'm gay, but guys still message me and try to pick up on me. I have guys send me messages saying "omg i wish you were straight or bi" an im like "i dont" and then recently this guy is like "so, since you're a lesbian does that mean that if you liked a guy as a friend, you'd have at threesome with him and another girl?" Okay. Is it just me, or is that a really stupid question?
I get those too! Just the other night at the pub this really ugly guy asked me to dance so I said "sorry, I'm a lesbian" to which he replied "Hey thats alright! I'm one too!" "YOU HAVE A BEARD" you horse in a man costume! (And not in the right place for a lesbian either).
These days I use the old "Get a gay friend to pretend to be my boyfriend" because it gets a better respone-ie: none of the "Will you get with that girl over there so i can have a wank?" Crap.
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