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I don't think Orlando can act that well, poor bloke. In LOTR his only facial expression was a look of concern, and (did anyone else notice) every line he said was stating the obvious...for example...

"They're taking the Hobbits to Isengard" - where else would they go?
"You look terrible" (to Aragorn) - we can see that, he's just been down a cliff
"A diversion" - when Aragorn had basically fully discribed what a 'diversion' is
"This forest is old" - big trees = old wood, weeny tress = young wood, therefore, we know!
"The Ring must be destroyed" - um...duh!
"We must go. We cannot linger" - When in potential mortal danger....yes, that would be a good idea...
"The horses are restless...and the men are quiet." - I'm sure Eomer has eyes and ears and can see/hear for himself, lol.

Has anyone seen Ned Kelly?! Its not all that good, though I think it might be if you know the story to start with. Orlando's accent is bad (he has an Irish accent) and he moves after he dies, haha! And in Troy he was totally eclipsed by Eric and Sean who were brilliant!
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