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Wallpaper collection.

Firstly: i take no credit for this AT ALL.

Secondly: im not giving credit, because i cant be fucked finding every person who made these / took these / edited these.

Thirdly: I uploaded these pictures for a friend, it is my wallpaper collection, i thought some others might want these, they took a while to upload on my connection, and i thought it might as well not go to waste. Most of them are wallpapers, of photo's i have cropped, or edited in some slight way, YES i removed the persons name from one of them, i dont want there name on my desktop. Dont post "OMG I ALREADY HAVE THESE" or "OLD OLD NEWZ`1LOL" i dont care, these are here for people who want them. if u dont want, or like them, simply dont post. Dont be a shitbag about it, kthx.

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Someone could host them on a better host, go for it, just chuck the link in this thread.
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