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I turn my head away.
On the verge of losing control
Overwhelmed by your presence.
Oblivious you pass on by
In a hurry, yet pausing to talk.
I hold back the tears,
only to release them when
I lock myself away from the world.

Blissful dreams fill my sleep,
Violently interupted when I wake.
Allready the brief moment of happiness
Is fading
As I struggle through the day
One step from losing it.

Distant friends well meaning words
Do not ease my pain.
Meloncholy tears flow,
My entire existance ,revolving
What I can never have
What can never be.
And yet I wish for time to stand still,
To live in that moment forever.
Friends are the family we choose.
Life is not measured by how many breaths we take, but by how many times our breath is taken away.
Love conquers all, let us too,yield to love!
To deny love is to deny life.
Love is as necessary as oxygen.
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