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Skinny Keira won't change

NEW YORK -- Keira Knightley is happy with her modest bosom and naturally thin body, thank you very much.

"As far as my body goes, it is what it is, I'm afraid," says Knightley, starring in Pride & Prejudice, opening today. "It's genetics as far as it's anything else."

So she has no plans to "enhance" her breasts with plastic surgery. "Oh, f--- no!" she says with a giggle. "I'm British, for God's sake. No, you're not coming near me with a knife!"

That said, she knows it is an advantage in contemporary Hollywood to have an overall thin body. "Of course, it's a visual medium. I'd be stupid if I didn't know that looks have something to do with that."

So she frets over the possibility that her success, and her slim size, will inspire women to artificially lose weight.

"I think it's quite worrying now because that (being thin) is definitely a trend and you get people trying to force their bodies into something that it naturally isn't. You can only do what your body can do. I don't work out very much so I guess it's pretty natural (in my case)."
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