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I am not making a sequel to Beckham!

Gurinder Chaddha denies rumours of a follow-up to her popular football flick; says she wants to write instead

The British press claimed recently that Gurinder Chaddha was to follow her immensely popular Bend It Like Beckham with a sequel. But Chaddha claims otherwise. “Am I completely insane to go back to ...Beckham? My dear, that train left the station long ago. There's absolutely no reason for me to return to it. I think the rumour started when this silly journalist from a British paper asked me at a party what I wanted to do next. I told her that I was writing, that I wanted to return to my roots, and that ...Beckham was part of my roots. The next thing I knew they had announced a sequel. They even put up stories on the website about Keira Knightley being in it. Poor thing! I'm just not interested in ...Beckham any longer.”

But while she's not interested in ‘Bending’ it for the second time, Chaddha is keen to write. “That's what I've returned to England for. Lately, I've been travelling so much I feel completely drained. I just want to put down my thoughts and unearth my inner feelings. Movie offers? Oh there're so many! I returned to London with a mailbox clogged with scripts.”

Chaddha's proposed next film was a big Hollywood project, I Dream of Jeannie, with Kate Hudson. “That's been put on hold. I'm re-writing the script and changing the stress and accents from the original television serial to suit these times.”

Chaddha is also excited about a film she has just completed, based in and on Paris. “It's an entire pastiche of Parisian tales, called Paris Je T'Aime, to which twenty directors, including the Cohen Brothers, Alexander Payne and Wes Craven, have contributed.”

There are only two female directors in the episodic film, the other being a Spanish woman, and only two Asians, the other being a Japanese director. “That's right,” Chaddha laughs. “My 5-minute story is about a Muslim girl and a French guy. I've introduced a topical element into the proceedings. It was very exciting to tell a story in such little space.”

Another story she has told within limited space is for a brand of guitars. “I shot my first ad…and that too in Mumbai. Yes, I sneaked in three weeks ago, shot this ad for a really cool brand of guitars and left without anyone being the wiser…I had no time to socialise. In any case, my friend and brother, Karan Johar wasn't in Mumbai, so I had nothing to look forward to. But I am really looking forward to his new film. I haven't had a good cry for a long time… (laughs).”

Chaddha returns to Mumbai in February for the release of her husband Paul Berges’ directorial debut Mistress of Spices. “And it won't be dubbed into Hindi, and be ruined like my Bride & Prejudice was,” she promises.

* Am I completely insane to go back to ...Beckham? My dear, that train left the station long ago.– Gurinder Chaddha
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