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I don't believe it's sad that you never got a chance to cheat. Besides, what would happen IF you had the chance? Would you go ahead and do it? What propels people to cheat on their current relationship exactly? It's for those who have never been in a relationship, simply to wonder. And it's rather interesting to notice how many times, cheating can involve alcohol.

I, for one, have never been in a relationship, though most of my friends would admit one of two things: 1) I'm in serious need of a girlfriend; or 2) I would be absolutely loyal to a girlfriend, if I ever had one. And that is probably true. To me, a relationship is binding, unless it is broken up by one of the parties, in a discussion. It's about deciding for oneself what is most appropriate for our society - honesty and loyalty to another, or betrayal and injustice. (Even now, part of my heart belongs to another across the pond - albeit with a possibly false hope - and I cannot bring myself to let go of it. In a way, at this period in my life, I could never consider anyone else, and any relationship elsewhere I could never give my entire attention. Maybe that's just me.) I could never live with myself, if I cheated on someone; it simply isn't right.

No matter how horny you are, or how attractive the third party is, it is, however, all up to the person to act upon their thoughts.
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