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Yeah, to clear up some misunderstandings, of course you can post on these boards Glow, you're most welcome in fact, and I for one welcome you to the KKW community. I just felt people weren't as nice to you as they should have been...

As for Mishka's point, sure, it is an English forum, but there aren't that many good Keira sites around, we know, we diss most of them, and most of them are English-speaking anyway, so the same problem arises. I'm sure in time there may well be foreign boards, but even so, why should we exclude these people? We should welcome different people bringing different perspectives, if they're having trouble with the language, help them, if they're then rude, then you have every right to be rude back

(and the use of a smiley there shows I'm not against them, I just chose not to use one in the original post as I was rather pissed off at the behaviour of some people...sorry...but it had to be said.)

As Gracie put it, how about we just try and be nice, eh?
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