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Why the hell is Match Point out in other countries already? I don't know whether I want to see it but not understand all of it, or just wait to see it in English for the first time. I'm extremely pissed about this.

Jacoby, when I get home in November, Lost season one is definitely something I'm gonna be picking up. I'm obsessed with season two, and need to fill in all the blanks. Do you know, is Desperate Housewives out on DVD yet? Love that one too.

I watched The Perfect Score the night before I left for Spain. I needed to watch something (I'm desperate for a good movie, but am "stuck" with the small DVD collection I brought with me.) This thread is helping me a lot, because I've been making a list for my super huge trip to Best Buy for part two of my European Adventure. So far, I've got to remember to buy Lost Season One, Noises Off (the best movie ever made, hands down), Mean Girls, and Lightning Bug.

Oh, I watched Robin Hood Prince of Theives this week while I was in Spain. But it was in Spanish...does that still count?
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