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Originally Posted by Digital_Ice,00180016.htm

argh, why are all these news articles just rehashes of each other?...
Heh-heh, tell me about it...

Ever since Bend It Like Beckham the Indian press especially have picked up on the tiniest morsel of news and gossip about Parminder, Gurinder and Keira. India love their movies, they have the biggest industry in the world - bigger than Hollywood - and the actor who played Jess' dad, Anupam Kher, is now chairman of India's film censors.

But outside of India, whatever's on the newswires about movie stars gets reprinted just because it's (apparently) the sort of things their readers like to read about. Especially bad news - people love to read about celebs being down on their luck or insecure about something - it 'humanises' them, and makes us plebs feel better, and thereby attempts to create an affinity between us and the celebs which hopefully will result in us going to see their film. Such stories are carefully crafted for the press around the time the celebs have a film to sell - we always get the Keira 'I hate my legs/bum/tits/zits...' stories at promotions time because everyone knows the soundbites will travel well in the press and therefore help to sell the film - it's all part of the marketing strategy. Seemingly random comments which are actually nothing of the sort are now as integral a part of a movie's promotion as a poster or trailer.

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