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Keira enjoys film sex

Keira Knightley has revealed how she felt lucky filming the sex scenes for her latest film, Domino.

The sultry star, who plays a model-cum-bounty hunter in the new movie, said that while many actresses find it problematic filming sex scenes, she felt quite comfortable doing it.

The ever-candid 19-year-old told the Daily Mirror: "Filming that sex scene in the middle of the desert, being topless with a very beautiful Venezuelan guy? I think I was very lucky!"

So did the Venezualan chap, no doubt, but Knightley did concede that the experience wasn't without its drawbacks.

She admitted: "A camera went round Edgar Ramirez and I while we were acting the scene, with the director Tony Scott yelling, 'Go on! F**k! F**k! I was like, 'This is so undignified'."

However, Keira may not have enjoyed it so much had she been opposite the rubberised jowls of seasoned love-machine, Mickey Rourke, who was co-starring in the film.

The movie, which has received mixed reviews from critics, sees Knightley embarking on a career as a bounty hunter, alongside Rourke and Ramirez. But as well as hunting down bail-absconders, Keira also shows off her body in a raunchy striptease.

No shame, that girl, no shame.$15072211.htm
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