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Originally Posted by acliff
Ripped off the salesman? How exactly?
Because phones salesmen are working with products with insane amounts of markup.
Appreciated but I didn't buy the phone, was free with contract, and having looked around at various contracts, this one seemed to suit me best. I did my own research, didn't just go for the contract recommended as I know they get signing bonuses for signing customers up with certain networks.

However I also managed to get accessories worth £70 for free too. The catch was, the guy wanted me to sign up for phone insurance. He even called the manager when I baulked at that, the manager came over, tried to "puppy dog close" by offering to pay the first month's insurance premium.

Then he tried to "fear close" me but I was having none of it, threatened to walk out and leave, think it over, maybe go elsewhere, and then he renegotiated. In the end, I got the accessories, without the insurance, which I didn't want, and the phone and the contract I wanted.

Put it this way, the salesman was made to jump through some hoops, as was the manager, I got what I wanted, at a price (in terms of the contract) I was happy with. The manager went from being quite aggressive with me to being very timid, almost depressed, with the next customer, and the salesman looked desperate.

I realise a great part of this is "bleeding" and at the end of the day, the salesman's job is to make you think you got a good deal, I do it all the time, but the difference is, I got what I wanted, and they didn't get everything they wanted. The one thing a salesman hates is losing control to the customer and I took it from him, which was so much fun.

Makes it hard to hate on the buyers I have to deal with though...
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