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Originally Posted by Rob The BLack Douglas
And Fox News is the propaganda arm of the Rethug party here in the US. They spew the party line dribble as "News". The media did not sex up the bit about Al-Qaida and Iraq, the White House did and the news only reportrd what the White House said. Don't believe me, check out White House press conferance transcripts.
As I said, they said they had evidence, not proof. The terms are not interchangeable, even if the media do use them as such. Fox News are as bad as anyone but the rest of the media are hardly blameless for their left-win nonsense either.

Thanks for the compliment Ranman, truly appreciated. Where I live people actually think god tells the president what to do
That's bad. Although it's almost as bad believing the media too.

Originally Posted by Flightfreak
What are 10 years if you’re talking about billions and billions of dollars?
If you’re talking about the biggest oil supplies in a world were the need for oil raises everyday?
Who gets all the building contracts to rebuild Iraq? American building construction companies. ect.
Lol, yes, but where's the incentive for BUSH?! In 10 years he won't be president, he won't get to claim the glory, hell, some Democrat might be and get to claim it. There's no logic to that. Especially as the French only remained OUT of the war because they had agreements with Iraqi oil makers and didn't want to lose out.

Helping the people of Iraq was not the only reason the usa invaded. If that would have been the only reason than they would never invaded on their own.
Noone ever said it was that. I love the way people who oppose the war flip-flop and say "It wasn't to help the people of Iraq so Bush is a liar" "It wasn't because of WMDs so Bush is a liar". Which of those reasons did he give? You'll FIND that the actual REASON for war was the latter...the former was an added benefit that the White House spun out because they knew it'd gain them more support. Spin doctoring at its best. And they didn't go on their own thank you very much!

And for the Weapons of mass destruction. I am sure if you would drop years and years bombs on Belgium than you would find the restants of chemical factories and could claim "hey they were making weapons of mass destruction."
Lol. I'm not even dignifying that one with a response...dropping bombs wouldn't create chemical labs, would it? Plus Belgium also stayed out of the war for reasons of oil greed like France...
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