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Actually the White House has repeatedly said that they had proof that Al Qaida was working with Iraq. The White House try'sd to tie everything into 9/11 because it distracts people fro mwhat they are doing to our country. Looting the treasury to the tune of trillions of dollars, forcing a right wing christian theocratic government on the people, the destruction of all privacy rights, and making the super rich ven richer at the exspence of the middle and working class.

And Fox News is the propaganda arm of the Rethug party here in the US. They spew the party line dribble as "News". The media did not sex up the bit about Al-Qaida and Iraq, the White House did and the news only reportrd what the White House said. Don't believe me, check out White House press conferance transcripts.

Saddam was bluffing the entire time. What was found was so old it could of never worked. He did such a good job of bluffing that everyone believed him. He actually had very little in the way of WMD's. Now he was trying to fool the UN into lifting sanctions so he could resume his weapons programs, but the last batch of inspectors were a little to efficient and he wasn't able to do anything on a large scale.

When the US went into Iraq, we had no plan to control the country, the administration actually thought the Iraqis would greet us with open arms and everything would be perfect.

This administration ignores the advice of numerous advisors and only listens to it's yes men. The White House refuses to take any responsibility for it's actions.

Thanks for the compliment Ranman, truly appreciated. Where I live people actually think god tells the president what to do

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