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Originally Posted by hasselbrad
Churchill pleaded with Roosevelt to get involved, but until we were attacked, public sentiment was against it.
I think PLEADED is stretching it a bit, Churchill wasn't a man to plead, but he wanted it, and I'm sure behind closed doors he was desperate. Why else would he knowingly NOT inform the Americans about the imminent Japanese attack that he knew about through an intercepted German message (via the infamously stolen Enigma machine) and risk the loss of many American soldiers lives? He knew it was the only way Roosevelt would get involved, and a few casualties still would hardly dent the US forces.

I don’t think I fail to recognize that. I know that. But the USA is a supremacy with a lot of power in institutions as the UN
Fair point but if they're really that dominant, why couldn't they get a resolution passed for this war? The truth is noone has dominance in the UN, true, the major nations like the US, France, Britain, China, Russia etc all exert great influence but no one nation is powerful enough to claim "dominance" and at the end of the day, the UN is an independent body. A lot of people raise the "fact" that the HQ is on US soil in Manhattan but actually that little stretch of NYC isn't American soil at all, but is under the sole jurisdiction of the UN. They can basically do what the hell they like on that property and no laws other than their own govern them.

And I agree with Hassel. Far too many blinded right wingers and blinded left wingers entirely oblivious to the path of moderacy and progressive conservativism (which is the path I follow)
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