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Originally Posted by deviljet88
And invading Iraq's only got a bunch of nuthead suicide bombers hating Western countries even more.
They hated us enough to begin with. Anyway, what're you bitching about? Australia isn't "Western" it's further East than the Middle-East But seriously, don't tell me you believe that liberal bullshit? 9/11 occured WELL before this invasion of Iraq (and before people mention the first...for the record...UN-sanctioned, in order to liberate a Muslim country from invasion by another. No justification for an Islamist war against the "west"), and several other bombings occured well before. The Embassy bombings? USS Cole? The earlier WTC carbomb?

Terrorists like terror. War doesn't breed more of them at all, if anything it's actually lessened them. It shows a resistance and a desire NOT to be afraid. Plus there are reports showing support for Bin Laden in the Middle East has DECREASED since the war in Iraq. Reports done by WESTERN liberal newspapers who all have an anti-war stance and yet even they couldn't disagree with the findings.

Nuff said really.

Edit: I think voting "No" on this poll should be a bannable offence
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