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Originally Posted by hasselbrad
Liam, I never said we won the war on our own. I am fully aware that the Russians occupied a great deal of Germany's resources. I'm also aware that the Japanese occupied a great deal of ours. I, for one, would have like to have seen a F6F/FW190 duel above the coast of France. But alas, the F6F was busy winning the airwar in the Pacific. Additionally, our involvement in the Pacific kept the Russians from needing to defend their Eastern front from Japan.
Never said you did - I could just feel a less mature member would come along and get a bit carried away

An F6F v. Fw-190 duel would have been interesting but I fear the 190 would have held all the cards. If we talk contemporary models - an F6F-5 vs. Fw-190A9 or D9, the 190 would have held a 40-50mph speed advantage, been able to outdive the F6F, and the 190's firepower was lethal in the extreme. A more interesting fight would have been a big, gull wing F4U Corsair, or F8F Bearcat against the 190D and 109K. Much more closely matched.

Still...we all have our respective lucky stars to thank for Hitler interfering with the Me-262 program. Nothing the allies developed could have touched it until 1946. So, in this case....cheers Hitler!
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