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Yes, some Americans are guilty of it. And yes, most of them arent. Its a bit rude and presumptuous to draw a stereotype based upon the actions of a minority.
Thank you. It's nice to see someone understands this. Just because I am proud to be an American, doesn't mean I'm some right wing, jingoistic nut-ball who wants to paint the globe red, white and blue. Honestly, I'd like to see us tell a whole bunch of folks around the world to fuck off and fix their own problems. I'm sick of seeing out troops trying to perform humanitarian operations and winding up in the middle of some warlords' turf dispute.

So, I'm not allowed to bring up World War II in regard to the question of why I feel proud of my country? Tell you what, I'll stop bringing it up when you post a thread about politics that doesn't take a direct shot at my country. Deal? But for you to suggest that we only got involved in World War II to protect our business interests and whatever other selfish motive you can concoct is a joke. Is helping to liberate millions of people from Nazi oppression selfish?
Liam, I never said we won the war on our own. I am fully aware that the Russians occupied a great deal of Germany's resources. I'm also aware that the Japanese occupied a great deal of ours. I, for one, would have like to have seen a F6F/FW190 duel above the coast of France. But alas, the F6F was busy winning the airwar in the Pacific. Additionally, our involvement in the Pacific kept the Russians from needing to defend their Eastern front from Japan.

Does the United States of America act in its own best interests? You're fuckin' A right we do...or at least in the best interests of the wealthy industrialists who own the lobbyists who pull the pursestrings that control the senators and representatives. I have never once claimed that we are some paragon of virtue.
However, to suggest we are alone in these sorts of dealings is ridiculous. This is how government works in every corner of the world, not just mine. If you think otherwise, you are completely out of touch with reality.
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