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Was the war on Iraq right?

Some time ago I started a thread whether the coalition should still have troops in Iraq. Almost everyone made a note about how wrong/right that war is, so why not have a thread for that purpose. Whas it right to attack Iraq? Personally I think yes. The reasons may not have been put very well, but I think that when Saddam the didn't coorporate with the International Nuclear dudes (sorry, I don't know the English name for that institution) as the resolution (I think it's number 1442, not sure though) demanded, we had to put some weight behind our threats. How is anyone ever going to be able to respect any resolution again? Plus we all know that Saddam have tried to develop nuclear arms earlier (a defected scientist has said that Iraq would have had them in 1993 if it wasn't for the Gulf War), and what would have stopped him from using them? He has committed crimes against humanity before.

Now, a lot of Europeans find that Bush's arguments for going to war was poor, but I don't know how the other world leaders presented the idea to their nation. Let's try and make this a proper discussion as the other Iraq thread was.
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