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Originally Posted by hasselbrad
Does your lack of pride in your own country have anything to do with its colonial dealings in the Congo?
Just curious.
That´s nasty. And Congo had always been personal property of the
Belgian king before its national "liberation" , so don´t blame poor old Flightfreak.

As my dear Belgian friend pointed out before, despite hating the colonial
ambitions of its former occupants (England, France, Netherlands, Spain...) ,
America developed a certain appetite for strategically important bases
(Marshall Islands, Midway, Hawai maybe) and went through an interventionist
phase determing its foreign policy (Latin America especially ; Cuba, Dominican
Republic, Panama). After the well known isolationist phase (almost preventing president Roosevelt to assist the brits against Adolf the One and Only), they
actually united the pro-western countries to fight the evil communist ones.

Of course , the USSR implodated owing to American efforts and unprecedented internal difficulties, yet the U.S do seem to need another
enemy to justify their interventions all around the world. From nazism to
communism to terrorism. My point is : maybe U.S citizens love their country
so much because they consider it´s the incarnation of justice , democracy ,
equality... paradise as opposed to all these evil barbarian countries unwilling
to adopt that glorious model. Maybe they feel surrounded by a hostile world
and therefore need a certainty of strength and infallibility to compensate that
psychosis ? Or, seeing that it is a country of immigration, a common value
is needed to unite all cultures under a new morality, a better system ?

Undoubtedly , the less and less veiled American imperialism (call it despicable
or enlightening) is a sign of national self-confidence but in my opinion ,
most Americans do not care about what their government is actually doing
in the world, as long as they are not visibly affected by its consequences.
11 th September , the end of a false sense of security, and the wave of
patriotism/nationalism it produced, the interventions it seemed to justify and
the contagious anxiety it engendered; proofs of a shattered self-confidence
that needs to be regained by preemptive strikes, "War on Terror" , acting
as a Messiah of Democracy... resulting in lots of cadavers and a few
satisfied businessmen. Plus Mudjahedeen ,next to Allah, enjoying reproduction with stunning virgins for dying as martyrs against the "infidels".

How nice.
"I can't tell you how happy I was when that bullet finally went through that bloke's head."
Sir Ian Kershaw on finishing Hitler : Nemesis 1936-1945
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