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Aaaaaaah, I HATE that. because its such a bad argument.
- Before ww2 the economy wasn’t doing great in the states,
- Europe was a huge consuming market and Hitler was destroying it for them.
- Europe also formed a convenient buffer between the USA and the USSR the communism
The USA had every reason to come and save Europe. It was a perfect opportunity to revive their economy and that’s exactly what happened. America’s economical state was a lot better after WW2 than it was before, so that is a pathetic argument.
If it was purely an economic move, why then didn't we jump in during the late 1930s? Why didn't we just stir something up with Germany in May 1937, when we had slumped back into a depression?
If we were so worried about the "huge consuming market", why did we cut off sales of raw materials and crude oil to the Japanese?
Truth is, our economy had weathered a second depression and was again on an upswing. America was doing fine economically. If we hadn't have been, we never could have met the increase in demand for manufacturing. American factories were already humming along, trying to meet increased demand.

And for the record you did not save Belgium from the Germans, the USSR did, the USA saved us from communism. The USA fought as much for their own cause as for ours.
Wow. Just wow. You're right in that the United States didn't liberate Belgium, alone. It was a co-ordinated effort between the United States, Great Britain and Canada.
You do realize which direction Germany is don't you? And you are aware that Russian forces came from the east, right? Furthermore, you are aware that the war ended when Allied forces met in Berlin...which is east of Belgium?

So, is it your opinion that a country should never, under any circumstances act in its own best interest? I'm well aware of the meddling that the United States government has done around the world. Ho Chi Minh was our ally against the Japanese during World War Two, and I can't exactly blame him for being upset at our defense of French colonial interests after the war. Guess what? That's world politics.
I have another question.
Does your lack of pride in your own country have anything to do with its colonial dealings in the Congo?
Just curious.
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