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I would rather say that it took a great deal of patriotism, love of your country if you like, to be able to keep these wars going. Those men are doing it for their country. If you do not teach them to love it, they won't fight for it. As you flightfreak, I am amazed with the amount of people being really patriotic in USA. But somehow I also admire it. I myself is, well not really patriotic - Danes can't really be, but I love my country. I got the flag standing in my room on my desk. The times I become most patriotic is when I think of how great we once were.

On the off-topic subtopic of the thread. Of course the US had their reasons to go fighting in Europe. They needed a stabile world to have a good economy. Every nation does. And they knew very well, what the Nazis were trying to build wasn't gonna be a great business partner. But that doesn't mean that we weren't saved. We are free, if not only then at least partially, because of the American suffering. There are many reasons to go to war, some better than others, but being in an alliance is one of them.
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