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Originally Posted by Rob The BLack Douglas
Oh and Keither Sutherland is a cousin
It's Kiefer mate. Don't go mis-spelling it on any wedding invites

So what are your loyalties? Family? Nation of birth? Friends?
Close family before country. Country before friends. Friends before distant family. Distant family before schmucks like you (just kidding!)

I think split loyalty is totally possible. I would kill a friend IF it was in my nation's best interests (not just because the government told me to, however). If I knew my best friend, for example, was a terrorist, and I knew for a fact that he was planning an attack, because he'd talked to me about it, and if reporting him to the police wasn't an option, if I absolutely had to kill him, I would, and my only regret would be the taking of a human life, not the fact he was my friend.

My family, however, that's a different story. Every social and religious edict throughout time has pretty much agreed on one point of consensus; honour and respect your parents. A younger sibling is almost like a ward in my custody, someone who it is my duty to protect, again, by social edict, so it's easy to put family first. Plus I love them to bits and they've always been there for me, whereas friends come and go.
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