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Originally Posted by Ashley
America is great because I have the right to bitch about the things I don't like, and praise the things I do. I have the right to vote and try and help change what happens. And people have the right to disagree with me.

This basically outlines how I feel too, but as usual, Aaron Sorkin said it better than I ever could.

I'm a citizen,
this is my president, and in this
country it is not only permissible to
question our leaders, it is our
So I don't think it's patriotism to blindly follow the orders of whoever is in charge. I think it's patriotism to stand up when you believe that your country is going in the wrong direction. It’s our job as citizens. It is our greatest responsibility. That’s the only way you can ensure that you’re living in a real democracy, by embracing issues and making sure that the one’s elected to govern you know how you feel, and that you’re willing tell them when they’ve done something wrong. It doesn’t matter one iota if I’m the only person in the country to feel that way. I’m a citizen, and I’m intended to have a voice.

I’m not wildly patriotic. I know that. There’s little about America that can make me feel patriotic any more. I love America. I do. I think we’re a country with amazing potential. But too often I think it’s assumed that we’ve already reached a pinnacle, and that’s not accurate. Because we’re a developed nation doesn’t mean we should stop developing. Clearly there are things wrong with America, and I’ll be the first to admit that. We’re domineering; we bully the rest of the world, without a thought to the consequences. We go to other countries to “install democracy” but are incapable of taking care of THOUSANDS of American citizens in New Orleans and Louisiana. But we should be able to take care of every American. When we can do that, maybe I’ll be more patriotic. But the way patriotism is running right now, I don’t think I want to be. We’ve reached a point of…patriotic propaganda. And it sickens me. I’m labeled un-American because I don’t agree with this administration and the way things have been handled in the last 5 years. And that’s bullshit. I’m a citizen and I want this country to be great, but I’m not idiotic enough to assume that it’s perfect. That’s blind patriotism, and that’s where it gets dangerous. My position right now is…optimistic for improvement.
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