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After some thought, I'll second my thoughts from the previous thread. That unlike you seem to think, even though you said "I am sure there are people who do that" there are patriots like myself who do not support everything with this country. Especially today, with this administration.
Sure, there are dark times in United States history (i.e. slavery, Vietnam) but I find that the pros out weigh those cons.
I'll stick to why I'm patriotic and then give more thought and probably come back with other reasons, because there's boodles.
To me, in my opinion..just to be clear... it's mine.... it's the people in United States History that make me patriotic. The soldiers who have fought. In specific the soldiers of World War I, II and the American Revolution. Especially, since I am related to some and have spoke to many, the soldiers of World War II. To be brief, and not ramble too much, I just say that standing at Normandy and seeing the 1,000's of American dead who fought and died not just for America but for the countries being invaded was something I'll never forget, as campy as that sounds, it's true.
I'm also patriotic because of my country's future. I believe that after this administration the country will change. My generation is a different breed from my grandparents and my parents. We see that we need to change and that we have flaws.
America is great because I have the right to bitch about the things I don't like, and praise the things I do. I have the right to vote and try and help change what happens. And people have the right to disagree with me. While other countries have those rights as well, for some it was with our help that they retained those rights.

Just my opinion though.
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