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A romantic triumph
Published on 03/10/2005


It was with great unease that I approached this adaption of Jane Austen's novel. Firstly, not a fan of the costume drama (although Sense and Sensibility was alright) and secondly, not a fan of Keira Knightley (playing the main character Elizabeth Bennet) believing her be just a pretty face. However, perhaps this film has found a niche, namely the MTV generation who have only read Jane Austen as part of the English syllabus and those who have not seen the lengthly BBC adaption. For fans of the aforementioned may reject this remake purely down to fond memories. It would be like accepting a Lord of the Rings not done by Peter Jackson.

Another reason I was not keen was that, inarguably, Pride and Prejudice astonishingly seems to provide the blueprint to all romantic comedies ever made. A genre that has become a tiring retread with the only difference being the pretty actress that plays the "kook" who still manages to get her guy despite being a rambling mess (in Hollywood guys find this attractive!). Surely, it was tongue in cheek that Helen Fielding's Mark Darcy was played by the same character as Mr Darcy (Colin Firth) as they are virtually the same guy in different films.

However, all pre-expectations put aside I was pleasantly surprised. Constantly witty and brilliantly played by all involved. Even Keira is acceptable and MacFadyn (Mr Darcy) will continue to garner female followers to add to his Spooks fans. This is old news to the fans but this may have the power to convert cynics. In these situations it is inevitable that the comical supporting actors steal the show as the main characters are bogged down by the romantic element. In particular, Brenda Blethyn as Mrs Bennet who is desperate to marry her daughters off and for her next drink. Also, Tom Hollander as Mr Collins who provokes laughs, revulsion and pity as the awkward and desperate cousin. One particular scene that had me riveted was the rain soaked meeting and clashing of feelings between headstrong Elizabeth and emotionally stunted Darcy.

But their clashes and misunderstandings are the best part and the ending reverts to cheesy romantic gestures (watch Mr Darcy emerge from the fog!) and happy endings. If you can get past the slight whiff of Stilton (that invariably lurks round all romantic comedies) and the old fashioned traditions, this even has something for viewers that aren't helpless romantics.
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